Kur Technologies is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of Products originating from our R&D. Our Company now introduces the Kem-Generator: A Portable Rechargeable Solar Generator - Battery Pack.

Our Kem-Generator can be used instead of or to supplement Generators containing Internal Combustion Engines running on Fossil Fuels; however unlike these Generators, the Kem-Generator is powered by a Deep Cycle rechargeable maintenance-free battery and not an engine.

Generators using fossil fuels such as Gas & Diesel cannot be brought indoors due to the risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Their engines also makes excessive noise and this make them unsuitable in certain situations where noise is an issue; furthermore the combustible fossil fuels they run on make them a fire hazard and the emissions of their engines pollutes the environment.

In short, the Kem-Generator can be use both Indoors and Outdoors; it is also comparatively quieter and safer than traditional generators. Furthermore since it contains a battery that can be charged using Clean Renewable Energy, this reduces your negative affect on the environment and your Carbon Footprint.