In addition to our standard Models, our Company also Custom Build Solar Generators.

The Cobra Inverters used in our KT-PN4 Models are Modified Sine-Wave Inverters not True Sine Wave Modified Sine-Wave Inverters. Modified Sine-Wave technology does not provide as good performance as True Sine-Wave but it is a lot cheaper and it is adequate for most consumer activities.

Even though prices are coming down, using True/Pure Sine-Wave Inverters as standard in Solar Generators and Battery Packs will put Emergency and Backup battery powered electricity beyond the reach of the average Consumer; this is why Modified Sine-Wave Inverters are primarily use.

Kur Technologies can Custom Build Solar Generators per Customer request to contain Pure Sine Wave Inverters in either 115 Volts or 220 Volts. Our Custom Build Products incorporating a True Sine-Wave Inverter can be use with Sensitive & Precision Equipment where performance and accurate readings are necessary.

We can even incorporate Step Up/Down Transformers or whatever other electronic components per Customers request. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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