Kem-Generator Model: KTPN4-75ah:

Rated 900 Watts
Weight 75 lbs
Height 18" Wheels included but Handle excluded
Length 16" - Width 17.5"
One 12 Volt 75 Amp Hour deep cycle rechargeable battery
Two DC Auto Sockets
One 20 watt LED light that uses only 6 watts

One 1600-Watt Modify Sign-Wave Inverter containing:
* Three AC outlets
* One USB port
* LED Battery status meter plus Watts or Kilowatts usage

Model KTPN4-75ah can power any device as and Jump-start larger vehicles than the KT-PN3. However, this Product can power larger appliances such as the following few examples:
Microwave Oven     Small Refrigerator     Computer and Office Equipment     Power Tools

Charging can be done in three ways
* Photovoltaic Panel or array rated up to 20 Amps
* AC to DC battery adapter/charger
* DC-to-DC cable via a vehicle's DC socket