Kur Technologies, LLC Reduction in CO2 Emissions:
Since one of the three basic ways to recharge the battery in our Solar Generator is by using a clean renewable energy source such as Photovoltaic panels and to a lesser extent Wind Energy, it is possible to significantly reduce one's carbon footprint. Kur Technologies Solar Generators has a life expectancy of at least ten years because the Product's internal components are replaceable, this mean that one of our Devices can conservatively displace at least one ton of carbon emissions over its lifespan.

Deforestation - Desertification:
Deforestation and Desertification have monumental negative effects on the Environment and populations; its impact cannot be overstated. Our Solar Generators reduces these catastrophic events by reducing the need for wood to use as biomass or to make Charcoal. The implications of this are far reaching because it:
              1) Reduces soil erosion which in turn, reduces catastrophic flooding and the loss of life and property.
              2) Reduces Global Warming and the effect this has on the Ozone Layer and consequently the health and well-being of humans.

Disposal Batteries:
The inappropriate disposal of AA, AAA, C and D batteries can contaminate water, soil and other aspects of the environment; this in turn can adversely affect the health of those encountering these contaminated sources. Our Solar Generators eliminates the need for these batteries because devices using these small disposable batteries can be plugged directly into our Product.