Kur Technologies, LLC Electric Bill::
Reducing one's Carbon Footprint is good for the environment but it can also save you money. If you use our Kem-Generator to power certain devices you regularly use and charge our Product using Solar Energy, you will lower your electric bill and this amount will accumlate over time. Furthermore the thought of having back-up electricity in case of a prolong Power-failure does give one some piece-of-mind.

Purchasing Batteries:
Using our Solar Generators especially after a Power-Failure negate having to constantly purchase AA, AAA, C and D batteries. The cost of purchasing these small batteries adds up over time and if you have a small battery charger, you could plug it into our Kem-Generator especially if there is no electricity.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:
Potential Carbon-Monoxide-Poisoning is a hazard of ICE or Internal Combustion Engine generators and this is the main reason these Generators cannot be use indoors; this is not an issue with the Kem-Generator because it does not contain an engine running on gas or diesel. The Kem-Generator is safe for indoor usage because there is zero risk dying from Carbon Monoxide and there is substantial reduce risk of a fire-hazard since it does not fossil fuels like traditional Generators.

Personal Safety:
People especially women and girls in refugee camps, tent cities and in areas of military conflict put there safety at risk to collect Food, Wood & Water; also the lack of adequate lighting and other factors also put people's safety at risk in these situations. These and other risks can be lowered significantly with the use of our Solar Generators along with Photovoltaic Panels. There are still occasions where a traditional Generator will be needed but in situations where it can be replace it makes sense to use a Kem-Generator. Hurricane Katrina is the best example that shows it may be too dangerous to go around foraging for gasoline to fill your generator.

Another disadvantage of traditional Generators that have a ICE or Internal Combustion Engine Generators running on fossil fuels is the excessive noise they make. Many times the event that led to one using a generator also resulted in damaged of property and limb; these inconveniences are compounded by the noise which can be irritating to say the least. Noise is not an issue with the Kem-Generator because it does not contain an engine.